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Human Resources

Human Resources

A.P steel's human resources work centers around the company's new round strategic development planning, always adheres to people-oriented, fully respects the value of employees, lays stress on the harmonious development of employee and enterprise, promotes the construction of employee development mechanism, employee incentive mechanism and employee communication mechanism unremittingly, in an effort to build Huahon into "the corporate model for common development of employee and enterprise".

Employee Development Mechanism

Standing at the height of talents management, basing ourselves upon the combination and integrity of "corporate demands and employees' demands", we strive to turn the unconscious and natural growth of talents into conscious and tractive growth of talents, so as to make the employees feel that their career prospect is bright, their career development is perceivable, their career path is wide and their career environment is fair.

Employee Incentive Mechanism

We actively study and apply various flexible incentive means, pay attention to turn single incentive into all-round incentive, and march toward long-term incentive from current incentive; try out and promote flexible welfare system, effectively expand the growth space of employee welfare, sufficiently mobilize the initiatives of various circles and inspire the staff's enthusiasm for second pioneering.

Employee Communication Mechanism

We set up the evaluation traction mechanism comprehensively in which the employees are the end inspectors and end taster, ensure the managers of each level to go to the grass-roots to listen to the civilian's opinions, so that the implementation effect of each management policy, system and measure can be evaluated and inspected by the employees, and the mechanism and channel for smooth information communication can be built up.