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ASTM B161/B163, Nickel 201 Pipes & Tubes

Material Description

UNS N02201

Chemical Composition, %








99.0 min

.40 max

.25 max

.02 max

.35 max

.01 max

.35 max

Nickel 201 is solid solution strengthened, commercially pure wrought materials with good mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures and excellent resistance to many corrosives, in particular hydroxides. Nickel 201 was a modification of 200 to control carbon (.02 max) which keeps it from being embrittled by intergranular precipitates at temperatures of 600° F to 1400° F in many processes.

Nickel 201 offers corrosion resistance in reducing and neutral media as well as in oxidizing atmospheres provided that the oxidizing media allows the formation of a passive oxide film.

This oxide film accounts for the materials excellent resistance in caustic environments. Corrosion rates in both marine and rural atmospheres are very low.

The resistance of Nickel 201 to corrosion by distilled and natural waters is excellent. Plus it also gives excellent service in flowing sea water even at high velocity, but in stagnant or very low-velocity sea water severe local attack may occur under fouling organisms or other deposits. In hot water systems where the steam contains carbon dioxide and air in certain proportions, corrosion rates will be initially high but will decrease with time if conditions favor the formation of a protective film.


● Highly resistant to various reducing chemicals

● Excellent resistance to caustic alkalies

● High electrical conductivity

● Excellent corrosion resistance to distilled and natural waters

● Resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions

● Excellent resistance to dry fluorine

● Widely used to handle caustic soda

● Good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties

● Offers some resistance to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids at modest temperatures and concentrations


● Marine and offshore engineering

● Salt production

● Manufacture and handling of sodium hydroxide, particularly at temperatures above 300° F

● Reactors and vessels in which fluorine is generated and reacted with hydrocarbons

● Chemical processing and storage, synthetic fiber production, and processes where sodium hydroxide and fluorine is used.

● Aerospace and defense as well as food processing.

● Caustic alkalies processing at various temperatures and concentrations.

Seamless Tube Information

Specification: ASTM B-161 / ASME SB-161, ASTM B-163 / ASME SB-163

Outside Diameter: 6.0-114 mm

Wall Thickness: 0.5-15 mm

Length: Max.24000mm (the maximum length is for the scope of special diameters and walls)

Other sizes are on the request